SeneGence CEO Joni Rogers-Kante Reveals She’s Being Sued by Distributor

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In a Facebook post this week, SeneGence CEO Joni Rogers-Kante revealed that she is being sued by an unnamed distributor. Here is the full text of the error-riddled post:

Dear Lovelies,

I write this to you only because we received a letter demanding millions of dollars for a rediculous [sic] claim against SeneGence and me, and if we did not pay the amount requested by a certain date a prewritten [sic] press release designed to shed a negative light on the company and me, one that they included in the same package with their demand letter, would be released on August 1, 2018. Hmmmm….’what’s a girl-to-do?’ Well…I think I will tell you about these false allegations myself. We will not tolerate extortionary [sic] tactics.’

Hello To All of My Lovelies – It is with sadness that I write this message to you. We have been notified that a domestic dispute and breakup involving one of our distributor couples has unfortunately resulted in a legal action being filed in court. Both SeneGence and I have been brought into the case based upon what we will show are erroneous allegations. While my lawyers tell me that I cannot discuss the facts of the case, it is now in the public record that one member of this distributor couple alleges that SeneGence has taken sides in their dispute and claims that one of them has been treated unfairly in the process. There is no truth to these allegations. I am confident that a trier of the fact will see that SeneGence has actually taken no adverse action against either person in this distributorship. Instead, we have worked to ensure that each person’s rights to their distributorship remain intact, as they have been since this couple applied to become joint owners of the distributorship and SeneGence accepted that application. We hope and pray that this couple can find a quick resolution to their heartbreaking dispute. While we understand that when love and financial issues are combined, reasonable people may take unreasonable actions, it should be known that we will utilize every legal tool available to us to defend these baseless allegations. Thank you for your support and understanding as this difficult matter may play out in the public eye. 

We haven’t been able to confirm who the distributor is or get a copy of the lawsuit, but we will update this story as soon as we do.

SeneGence is an international MLM that primarily sales makeup and skincare products. Their flagship product is called LipSense which the company claims is a “patented, amazing departure from conventional lipsticks and colors.” It’s estimated that the company did $380 million in sales in 2015.

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