Pruvit KETO//OS Review – Everything You Need to Know Before Joining

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Pruvit (or Prüvit) is an MLM company that is capitalizing on the supplemental ketone craze. We’ve received a few inquiries about the company, so here’s our official Pruvit Review based on what we know so far about the company.

pruvit logoOverview


Founded: 2015

Industry: Nutritional Supplements, Multi-Level Marketing

When deciding whether or not to join an MLM, it’s important to pull back the marketing curtain and ask yourself these questions:

  • The Product: Do they have a viable product that will stand up to scientific scrutiny and is mass-marketable?
  • The Leaders: Have their founders/leaders been heavily involved in other failed MLMs or had SEC/FTC action taken against them?
  • The Money: Will you have a realistic chance to make money?

Pruvit Products

Pruvit is currently selling their flagship product KETO//OS in a variety of flavors. Apart from the flavor, the only real difference is that some contain caffeine while others do not. Here’s the breakdown:

  1. KETO//OS – Orange Dream

  2. KETO//OS – Chocolate Swirl

  3. KETO//OS MAX – Maui Punch

  4. KETO//OS MAX – Raspberry Lemonade

  5. KETO//OS MAX – Swiss Cacao



pruvit keto//os review

Though the Pruvit website has a clear disclaimer that their exogenous ketone product KETO//OS is “not a weight loss product”, you wouldn’t get that impression from all of the customer/distributor testimonials featured on the website and Social Media. Having trouble finding/reading the disclaimer? That’s the point (hint: it’s in the footer).

pruvit product disclaimer

Caution #1: KETO//OS has not been tested and claims about KETO//OS have not evaluated by the FDA.

Caution #2: KETO//OS has not been designated an official weight loss supplement.

Caution #3: Claims about KETO//OS (other than it being a weight-loss product) seem to vary wildly between extremely vague and a bit outlandish. You can see a range of these testimonials on their “What People Say” page. Here’s a sample:

  • More energy, focus, and drive
  • I’m more fit, healthier, and better than I’ve ever been
  • The effects are simply amazing
  • Big improvements in energy, moods, and mental clarity

These testimonials could easily be endorsing any one of the thousands of products in the “supplements” industry. Other claims on the website and on Social Media include helping reduce PTSD and yes, even curing cancer! A quick Google search shows a variety of videos and websites that boast a lot of different benefits that generally go unsubstantiated.

A good question to ask yourself (or the Prüvit distributor recruiting you) is:

If this is truly miracle product (a powder mix that cures cancer would certainly qualify), then why are Pruvit leaders limiting sales by utilizing a multi-level marketing structure, instead of selling directly to consumers via stores and e-commerce? 

is pruvit a scam?

Pruvit also claims that their product works best when paired with a ketogenic diet (a low-carb diet similar to Atkins). That begs that question—is it the product or the diet that is helping customers lose weight?

On to the science. Despite what Pruvit and its ambassadors claim, ketones are the second-best fuel option for your body behind glucose, which is why your body only creates/burns them in dire situations—like when you haven’t eaten for multiple days. And, extra ketones in your body are generally a really bad thing because it makes your blood acidic. For diabetics, it can potentially lead to a life-threatening condition called ketoacidosis.

Here’s a bit of background about ketone bodies from the U.S. National Library of Medicine:

Ketone bodies (primarily BHA and AcAa) are strong acids. They dissociate freely and produce a large amount of hydrogen ions. This overproduction of hydrogen ions overwhelms the buffering capacity of the body, quickly leading to metabolic acidosis. All of the described changes in metabolism contribute to the ongoing state of hyperglycemia, glucosuria, osmotic diuresis, electrolyte changes, ketosis, and acidosis which are seen with DKA.

If Pruvit had a product that could potentially kill diabetics, wouldn’t there be disclaimers EVERYWHERE on the website? Our guess is that there are so few actual ketones in the product that there is no real risk of hurting anyone. And, for non-diabetics, the human body responds to extra or unneeded ketones by simply urinating them out before they have a chance to do much of anything.

That’s why potential customers are given samples and then a urine test strip to prove that KETO//OS is delivering ketones into their body. That’s well and good, but if you are ingesting a supplement, wouldn’t you want your body to actually be digesting and utilizing the supplement, rather than merely passing it through your urine?

It seems likely that there are 3 options (or a combination of multiple options) here:

  1. KETO//OS doesn’t really contain enough ketones to do anything impactful (either beneficial or harmful)
  2. Your body doesn’t really need exogenous ketones (unless you are really in a state of ketosis, in which case your body will make all of the ketones you need), and simply passes them through your urine without taking notice
  3. Caffeine is responsible for any boost in energy and “mental clarity” observed by KETO//OS consumers

Either way, do you think KETO//OS is really helping people as Pruvit claims?

Pruvit Leaders

Companies are reflections of their founders and leaders, so you should always research the top executives of an MLM you are joining. In addition, you should always be suspicious of a company that doesn’t readily disclose who their leaders are. Can you find any information about the founders and top executives on the Pruvit website? Neither could we.

After looking at other sources of information across the web, here’s what we DID find:

Terry LaCore – Founder/Director

  • Other MLM Involvements:
    • Natural Health Trends Corporation (now known as NHT Global)
    • RippIn (folded)
    • bHIP (folded)
    • Vapt (folded)
    • Direct Sales Software (folded)
  • Settled an SEC securities fraud charge in 2008 when he was with NHT Global
  • Sued by NHT Global for breech of contract after he left the company and started bHIP Global
  • You can find a full list of companies he is involved with here

Christopher Harding – Founder/Director

  • Other MLM Involvements: None found

Brian Underwood – Founder/CEO

  • Other MLM Involvements:
    • Zaggify (folded)
    • RippIn (folded)

Rob DeBoer – Founder

Michael Rutherford – Top Distributor

  • Other MLM Involvements:
    • RippIn (folded)

Dustin Schaffer – Top Distributor

  • Other MLM Involvements: None

Jennifer Grace – Legal Counsel

  • Other MLM involvements:
    • BHIP
    • Zaggify

Troy Dooly – Compliance Enforcement Officer

Are you confident that these leaders can build a successful future for Prüvit and will be looking out for your best interests?

Pruvit Business Opportunity

Alright, so we’ve taken a look at the product and Pruvit’s leaders. If you are convinced it’s a good idea to join the company based on those 2 elements, then you should ask yourself: am I able to make any money? Like all MLMs, unless you join at the very beginning, the odds are astronomically low that you’ll see any kind of return on your investment. Let’s take a look at Pruvit’s income opportunity in particular: you can find their Rewards information here. I’ll give you a few minutes to read through that and try to figure out their payment structure. Still confused? You should be, because they have purposely made it extremely difficult to understand the payment structure. This makes it really easy for them to change terms later on and make it even harder for promoters to earn money. Don’t believe me? Here is the official Pruvit Income Disclosure Statement that gives a true indication of how much you will earn as a Pruver.

pruvit income disclosure statement

That’s right folks—for all of the time you will spend at conferences, calling friends and family to tell them about this “opportunity”, and spending money to build up inventory, you are only set to make $500-2000 annually in gross income. For those not familiar with the term, gross income is your income BEFORE all expenses are factored in. It’s easy to see that all of the time and money you will spend on Pruvit won’t be worth it in the long run, unless you are one of the few distributors who were involved with the company from the beginning (like Michael Rutherford).

Pruvit Customer Reviews

The Better Business Bureau tracks customer and employee complaints for companies all across the United States, and is a good place to start when understanding whether or not a company is in good standing. Pruvit currently has an F rating due to the number of complaints piling up from customers. The complaints center on misleading advertising/sales, billing issues, and quality problems with the product.

pruvit better business bureau rating

One especially troubling complaints centers on how a customer’s credit card was stolen and was mailed product even though they have nothing to do with the company. Are Pruvit distributors getting desperate to hit goals and are now resorting to fraud to boost sales?

pruvit fraud complaint


So, is Pruvit a pyramid scheme? It generally follows the same principles of a pyramid scheme, in that the people who get in on the ground level make the majority of the money based on people who join later. Also, the vast majority of distributors will end up losing money, even though they were pitched on the idea of earning hundreds or thousands of dollars. In our opinion, that makes Pruvit a scam.

Given what you now know about Prüvit’s products, leaders, and your ability to make money in an MLM structure, do you still think it’s a good idea to sign up? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Queen B February 20, 2018 at 8:00 pm - Reply

    Thank you for writing this review. Truly everyone needs to see it. All I have been seeing re Pruvit Keto OS online is hype and testimonials, and posts that appear critical but instead are just another ad geared to get you to fall in line. I did research after I bought what I thought was a bootleg bunch of samples from a nutritionist promoting keto. I felt really weird buying 5 sample packs for $30 because I could not seem to buy samples directly from the Pruvit. I wanted to try the product and let those pounds just fall right off, I could already see myself in my bikini by summer with all the fantastic hype. So I dove online to see where I could buy it with wild results as to how much will cost me to continue to drink Pruvit. Bottom line EXPENSIVE and the fact that it is a MLM company is really just so disappointing and disgusting to me. I want my hard earned money to go to a product and well deserving company — not to a chain of open hands. Shame on this company for their latest get rich scheme. It’s too bad. Even if the product is good, it does not justify grossly overpaying a MLM company for it!

    The rewards information and income disclaimer is truly an eye opener — THANK YOU!

  2. Alan May 16, 2018 at 12:37 am - Reply

    The analysis of this product is wildly off base, and while I agree with it’s ultimate conclusion- that this product is of no value- as a biomedical and chemical engineer, I feel l need to set a couple of the claims straight to clear up some legitimate medical misconceptions presented by this review.

    Ketoacidosis and Ketosis, though sounding similar, are very different. Ketoacidosis is, as the author correctly states, of major concern to diabetics, and is in fact, the leading cause of death among type 1 diabetics under 25. As the quote presented from the National Library of Medicine states, ketosis is an element of DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis), however so is acidosis and importantly hyperglycemia, and the presence of little or no insulin, putting those with type 2 diabetes at risk as well.

    Ketosis, on the other hand, is the presence of ketones in the body being used as fuel in the absence of stored glucose, the bodies preferred fuel source. The presence of ketones in and of themselves, are of no risk to diabetics, when they aren’t symptomatic of uncontrolled blood sugar and insulin levels. So to say that KetoOS is a product that can hurt diabetics is either a disingenuous claim, or more than likely a conclusion drawn from a lack of biological understanding. The important thing to then draw from this isn’t so much and answer to whether there is, or is not, a impactful number of ketones. (a claim I can’t speak to either way without examining the product), as to answer the question, does it even matter.

    The body enters ketosis when it has exhausted its stores of glycogen. It takes the average person 3-4 days consuming less the 40 grams of carbohydrates per day, or as little as one day of complete fasting. Before that point, the presence of ketones is irrelevant. Your body will continue to use glycogen until it is exhausted.

    The author is correct the body expels surplus ketones and to question the veracity of claims based on a urine test. The body can be in ketosis, without excess ketones, and a urine test will not reflect “ketosis.” Similarly, you can flood your body with ketones you didn’t create and as you pass them, the urine strip will incorrectly reflect a state of ketosis. Any meaningful ketone test must test the ketone levels in the blood.

    To briefly address claim number 3, it is possible that the clarity, drive, and focus that some people claim could come from caffeine. However, a more likely theory is that people taking this product are on a ketogenic diet and like everyone else who corrects their eating habits, they feel the boost and clarity that comes when you stop poisoning you body with processed foods and excess sugars.

    I would be remiss, not to address two more points, before elaborating what ketoOS could possibly do for you. First, is the company claim that they are not marketing a weight loss solution, simply put, this is a bullshit lie, but they clearly make this claim for legal reasons. They and their distributors are clearly marketing this as a solution for weight loss, but this claim, likely naively, touches on an important fact and misconception about the ketogenic diet and my second point. Keto does not by itself create weight loss. A claim that keto die hards will reject wholesale based on anecdotal experience. The truth is that even within the parameters of a keto diet, the law of thermogenics governs, which is to say calories in vs calories out is the bottom line. What people fail to account for, and therefore falsely attribute to keto based fat loss, which, of course, differs from weight loss. Is that without carbohydrates and glycogen, cells will jettison water resulting in a massive front end weight loss. Furthermore, people fail to account for the fact that protein burns at a high rate in the digestive process, and a clean diet increases your metabolism. Failing to account for these factors, leads people to believe simply that being in ketosis equals automatic weight loss. Which, in turn, opens the door for a company like pruvit to make you believe that if you are urinating ketones, you are losing weight, and they can make you do that with a drink mix.

    So here is what it has the potential to do. The transition point, when your body is running out of glycogen, but the liver has not produced enough ketones to sustain you is referred to as, “the keto flu.” The only thing the consumption of “therapeutic ketones” can really accomplish, in a keto diet sense, is to mitigate the discomfort of an under-fueled body, while your system ramps up ketone production.

    The reality of this product then, is that all this money is spent so you don’t have to suck up a couple of rough days. Based on that, the ROI you see in your health and physical performance is nearly valueless.

    • regan May 17, 2018 at 11:56 am - Reply

      Alan, you clearly know what your talking about when it comes to ketosis. Your not quite there regarding the product though. I can test my blood and have a 8.0 glucose/ 0.0 ketone, drink 1 serving and test 30 mins after and have a 7.5 glucose and 1.5 ketone. If i repeat this same process i can see my glucose drop to 7.0 and up to 4.0 ketone. This is testing with a onetouch tester.
      Consuming a product such as this is no different than consuming creatine, or protien or BCAA’s or Glutamine or multivitims… All these items can be found in food but that’s sometimes not possible through food, therefor you use supplements.. How many people do you know that NEED to diet that would be able to push through the keto flu and stay motivated that they made a good choice?

      • VH November 8, 2018 at 1:36 pm - Reply

        Sooo basically you sell the shit right?

    • Courtney February 11, 2019 at 6:15 pm - Reply

      Loved this!!!

  3. Gina September 26, 2018 at 6:03 am - Reply

    Pruvit CEO brian underwood is under investigation. He has assault charges in Owensboro/ Daviess county, KY. (Assaulting an elderly man). Do your research before investing in Pruvit. Many similar products on market without all the upcharge (to pay down lines) and without the hype.

  4. Jess November 11, 2018 at 3:39 am - Reply

    Brian Underwood (Pruvit CEO) did assault an elderly man. Who does that? Here is proof the assault is true. Fact check this!!!

    State of Kentucky vs. Brian Underwood
    Daviess District Court
    Case #16-M-0145

  5. Jess November 11, 2018 at 3:54 am - Reply

    Brian Underwood (Pruvit CEO) did assault an elderly man in May 2016

    Here is proof the assault is true.

    State of Kentucky vs. Brian Underwood
    Daviess District Court
    Case #16-M-0145

  6. Jim November 16, 2018 at 1:52 am - Reply

    I wouldn’t buy a hubcap from the guy that started this company.

  7. Joe December 1, 2018 at 8:44 am - Reply

    If you are thinking about becoming a Pruvit Promoter STOP NOW!!! I have been at this for 6 months and I have achieved RANK 5, but have yet to see a SINGLE DIME in profit. This system is a complete SCAM! The majority of the commissions that you earn are in the form of “Pruvit Bucks” which can only be used to purchase MORE PRODUCT!

    How this Company and it’s founders have stayed off of the FTC and SEC Radar for this long is hard to imagine, but perhaps that will change soon.

    • Paula January 6, 2019 at 12:41 am - Reply

      How do they compare to Shrute Bucks?

  8. Mickey December 9, 2018 at 6:01 am - Reply

    They are being investigated by the SEC and FTC. Sell your product and do yourself a favor and walk/run far away from the leaders associated with this company. They will start another company in a short time.

  9. John February 25, 2019 at 7:38 pm - Reply

    No surprise. Thank you for your research.

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