Plexus Launches Joyome, A New Line of Skincare Products

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Over the weekend, Plexus announced the launch of a new line of skincare products under the brand Joyome (stylized Joyōme). The new website promises that Joyome will be an “effortless, two-step system that reverses the visible signs of aging” by combining 11 anti-aging ingredients with a “HydraLipid Delivery System” to enhance the rate of absorption. Their Microbiome Balancing Complex is patent-pending and retails for $153.00 ($115 for ambassadors).

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This is an interesting play for Plexus who has almost exclusively focused on weight-loss supplements until now (the Plexus website does offer two lotions and a Breast Chek kit which seem to be leftovers from the founders previous business). Given the increased scrutiny from consumer watchdog group Truth in Advertising (, Plexus may be feeling the need to diversify not only their products but also develop an exit strategy for the brand as a whole, which isn’t uncommon for multi-level marketing companies.

Plexus Legacy, the annual conference for Plexus distributors, is also coming up in June, so it seems like an opportune time to announce the launch of Joyome and spur attendance to the event. Like most multi-level marketing companies, Plexus does not cover hotel or travel fees for its attendees, and registration for the event is $119 per person.

As we detailed in our recent Plexus review, any potential customer or distributor should be wary about joining the company or using their products given the complaints that we have seen from former distributors. And, while Plexus distributors seem to be excited about a new line of products, they should realize that the skincare market is extremely saturated with both regular and MLM companies.

Plexus ranks as one of the Top 50 MLM companies in the U.S. based on revenue.

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