Complete List of Monat Lawsuits – More Customers Complain About Hair Loss, Scalp Damage

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In our recent Monat company review, we outlined what distributors should expect in terms of leadership, products, and profit opportunity at Monat. Since then, a number of customers have filed lawsuits against Monat, and the company has fired back with lawsuits of its own. Below is a timeline of all the lawsuits that we are currently aware of, but given all of the issues that Monat customers have been reporting about hair loss and scalp damage, we expect to see many more.

Timeline of Monat Lawsuits

Monat Global Corp. vs. Vickie Harrington

  • Date: January 2018
  • Plaintiffs: Monat Global Corp.
  • Defendant: Vickie Harrington
  • Lawsuit Amount: $225,000 (USD)
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In September 2017, Vickie Harrington became a Market Partner (also known as a distributor) for Monat. By December 2017, she was already disgruntled enough with the products that she had asked for a full refund from Monat, which was denied because it was past the 30 day window. Vickie went on to make a series of posts on Facebook (including the one below), as well as contact news and law officials to expose the side-effects that Monat products were having on her friends and acquaintances. Monat alleges that Vickie’s posts were doctored or misleading, and that she does not have any scientific backing for her allegations. As a result, Monat claims it lost at least $75,000 worth of revenue and is suing Vickie for $225,000 in damages.

vickie harrington monat lisa lawsuit

Trisha Whitmire and Emily Yanes de Flores vs. Monat Global Corp.

  • Date: February 2018
  • Plaintiffs: Trisha Whitemire, Emily Yanes de Flores
  • Defendant: Monat Global Corp.
  • Lawsuit Amount: $5,000,000 (USD)
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In early 2018, Trisha Whitemire and Emily Yanes de Flores filed the largest class action lawsuit to-date against Monat for a total of $5,000,000. Their lawsuit claims that while Monat’s website claims substantial health benefits like “hair loss cessation” and “hair regrowth”, many customers have experienced significant hair loss and/or scalp irritation after using Monat’s line of hair products. The suit also points out that despite claiming that their products are “all-natural” and “sulfate-free”, the actually do contain sulfates (including Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate) and other petrochemicals that can cause the types of scalp issues that Monat customers have been documenting over the past few years. Finally, Whitemire and Yanes allege that Monat leadership, including the Urdaneta, have actively engaged in intimidation and deception by launching friovlous lawsuits against former distributers and blocked or erased comments that were critical of their products from the internet.

Monat Global Corp vs. Kayla Baker

  • Date: February 2018
  • Plaintiffs: Monat Global Corp
  • Defendant: Kayla Baker
  • Lawsuit Amount: $225,000 (USD)
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Shortly after filing a lawsuit against Vickie Harrington, Monat filed a lawsuit against another past distributor named Kayla Baker who also began making public posts on Social Media (including starting a Facebook group) about how the products had affected her scalp. Baker focused her attacks on the type of ingredients within Monat’s hair products including red clover, which she claims can cause serious issues like scalp sores and balding. Monat executives claim that Baker is causing them undue damage since her posts are publicly available on Facebook which is the top channel for which they advertise and grow the business.

Monat Global Corp vs. Toni Miller

  • Date: February 2018
  • Plaintiff: Monat Global Corp
  • Defendant: Toni Miller
  • Lawsuit Amount: $225,000 (USD)
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The third lawsuit that Monat has filed against previous Market Partners is against Toni Miller. The suite alleges that Miller “repeatedly and falsely alleged that Monat products cause issues including, but not limited to, miscarriages, harm to unborn babies, bloody stool, migraines, problems with breast feeding, menstruation problems, balding, scalp sores, chemical burns, hair loss, and scalp lesions.” Monat also says that Miller claimed to be in a group with over 12,000 people that had experienced adverse side-effects from Monat products. Executives believe that Miller’s claims have negatively affected sales with over 1,000 orders having been canceled in the two months prior to the lawsuit.

Dana Sohovich vs. Monat Global Corp.

  • Date: March 2018
  • Plaintiffs: Dana Sohovich
  • Defendant: Monat Global Corp.
  • Lawsuit Amount: $5,000,000 (USD)
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In this lawsuit, Dana Sohovich (a previous customer) alleges that she lost 50% of her hair as a direct result of using Monat products. Her lawsuit claims that Monat lies about the ingredients of their hair products, hides the side effects of the products (one of which is “hair thinning” as a result of initial “detox), and actively engages in false advertiseing by saying their products are ‘Guaranteed to deliver Longer, Fuller, Stronger, Younger-Looking Hair In Just 90 Days. While Dana filed the lawsuit partly on her behalf, she does mention the likely thousands of other customers who have experienced similar trauma to their hair and scalp. As a result of this lawsuit, the FDA has opened an investigation into Monat, claiming that it is reviewing roughly 200 “adverse event” reports by Monat customers.

Botallico vs. Monat Global Corp.

  • Date: April 2018
  • Plaintiffs: Kelley Botallico
  • Defendant: Monat Global Corp.
  • Lawsuit Amount: Not Set
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In early 2018, Kelley Botallico purchased and used Monat haircare products (it’s unclear from the suit if she was a distributor for the company). Soon, after, she began experiencing an “itchy and irritating feeling emanating from her hair and scalp” and began to notice hair loss. Unsure of what was causing the scalp issues, she saw a physician who identified Monat’s haircare products as the root cause and prescribed medication to treat the damage. Unfortunately, the damage was irreversible for some time and Botallico is suing for damages that resulted from Monat not being forthcoming about the harmful ingredients their products contain.

Do you know of any other lawsuits against Monat? Send us a tip to Also, if you would like to file a complaint to the FDA regarding your own negative experience with Monat products, you can do so here.

Complete List of Monat Lawsuits - More Customers Complain About Hair Loss, Scalp Damage
Article Name
Complete List of Monat Lawsuits - More Customers Complain About Hair Loss, Scalp Damage
There is a growing list of Monat lawsuits (both against and from the company) as more customers report significant hair loss and scalp damage after using their line of hair-care products.


  1. Ella K Williams June 12, 2018 at 3:55 pm - Reply

    How do I start a lawsuit against Monat. Been using the product about a year. Just started loosing hair by the hand full.

    • Robin Benson December 30, 2018 at 3:40 pm - Reply

      Just wondering if you got an answer about how to start a lawsuit? I would like to start on as well.

    • Nancy C Hadley January 25, 2019 at 5:20 pm - Reply

      Me too. I have a sore in my scalp that almost looks cancerous. I have been using the Blow Out ointment on my hair for 1 year.

    • Jen February 8, 2019 at 10:16 pm - Reply

      Contact a lawyer….. that’s how you start a law suit. 🙃

  2. Mickey Bowles August 8, 2018 at 12:32 am - Reply

    I texted Monat that my wife & I had been using Monat volume system products since FEB 2018 as a “Flex” subscriber. I delayed the latest automatic shipment from AUG 2018 to OCT 2018 due to thinking/loss of hair for both of us. I indicated that further communication had to be established immediately to address our concerns regarding Monat Global Corp. & any future shippments. I have not received a reply to our concerns. Today we discovered law suits we’re being facilitated regarding the same problem we’ve been experiencing. Please contact me soonest regarding any legal options we may have.

  3. Diane Boley September 25, 2018 at 4:20 pm - Reply

    I too am experiencing hair loss from using the Monat products. I am very upset as this was suppose to help me not make matters worse.
    I started using this product in the spring. I am very upset about my hair loss. Not what I needed or wanted to happen.
    I am calling Monat right after this. I assume I will not get a response either. I am really upset I bought this product to help thicken my hair, now I am dealing with hair loss. Terrible product should not be on the market.

  4. Tracy Hayden- ittner November 6, 2018 at 2:20 pm - Reply

    I hav lost at least 30percent of my hair and my husband hair is thinning I am a hair stylist I v used it for about year or so it’s nice at first then your hair texture changes and more sensitive to other things I’m sick of her this

  5. Jean Haggar November 9, 2018 at 10:03 pm - Reply

    I am also a victim of Monat Global. Began using their products in Oct. 2017, but didn’t start losing hair until August of this year. My hair loss began just a couple of months after I started using the Reshape Root Lifter. I have lost about 1/3 of my hair since the end of August. Been diagnosed with Alopecia, but I’m sure that it has to be Monat-related.
    Please tell me how I can sign on to a class action lawsuit against them. I have been to 2 doctors, and don’t know what else to do. This is devastating!

  6. Tia Falldien December 20, 2018 at 4:46 pm - Reply

    I also stopped using the product around Sept of this year, I found my fine hair was feeling very dry and brittle. And since then I have lost so much hair just in the last couple of months! I have an ongoing horrible skin rash on my neck, and sores that were randomly in my scalp! My Dr. is unaware as to why I am getting this and thought it to be contact dermatitis! all meds are not clearing this up! I just saw on a post online that another lady has had the same results as I using this line … COINCIDENCE I THINK NOT! Very angry

  7. Robin Benson December 30, 2018 at 3:35 pm - Reply

    I am also a victim of Monet products. I stated using the shampoo and conditioner in January 2028. I used it for about 3 to 31/2 months when I started seeing extreme hair loss. I have lost a lot of my hair with bald spots and thinning. It’s so bad that I cannot leave my hair down. I have to wear it in a ponytail to hide the baldness and have purchased extensions and a wig. This has been a very trauma doc experience! It’s embarassing! I have always had long thick hair. I would like to file a lawsuit but don’t know where to start. Can anyone give me any information or know of a lawsuit that I could join in on?

  8. Susan March 4, 2019 at 7:44 pm - Reply

    After a year of using Monet I had to stop using it because it had really dried my hair out and caused itchy bumps over my entire scalp. I stopped 2 months ago and the itchy bumps are still just as bad if not worse. I’ve tried T-Gel and Head and Shoulders, nothing is helping. I have an appointment with a dermatologist to see what I can do. I wasted a lot of money on this product because I trusted the people selling it.

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