Herbalife Review – What You Need To Know Before Joining

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Considering joining Herbalife as a distributor? Read our Herbalife review to learn about the history of the company, who its leaders are, the types of products it sells, as well as whether or not you have a true chance to make any money.


  • 1980


  • Mark Hughes 1980

Executive Team

  • Richard Goudis (CEO)


  • http://www.herbalife.com


  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Multi-Level Marketing

Number of Distributors

  • 3,200,000


  • $4.488 Billion (2016)
  • $4.469 Billion (2015)
  • $4.958 Billion (2014)
  • $4.825 Billion (2013)
  • $4.072 Billion (2012)
  • $3.454 Billion (2011)
  • $2.734 Billion (2010)
  • $2.324 Billion (2009)
  • $2.359 Billion (2008)

View the complete list of Herbalife’s annual reports.

Herbalife Income Disclosure Statement

Herbalife calls their income disclosure statement the “Average Gross Compensation”, so it is a bit harder to find. Based on the last available information provided by the company (2014), you can see that ~90% of Herbalife distributors made less than $2,500 for the entire year (keep in mind this is not profit so you have to subtract your costs from this amount) with over 70% making less than $300.

herbalife income disclosure statement distributor earnings

Herbalife Products

  • Milkshakes
  • Protein Bars
  • Vitamins
  • Skin Care
  • Hair Care

Herbalife Customer Reviews

Currently Herbalife has an overall BBB rating of B, which is the result of 13 formal customer complaints. The recurring issues throughout the complaints are:

  • Misleading sales/advertising tactics
  • Delivery and billing issues
  • Low quality product

herbalife better business bureau

Herbalife Employee Reviews

Glassdoor shows that Herbalife employee sentiment dropped dramatically in 2016 but since has rebounded a bit.


herbalife glassdoor employee reviews

Legal Trouble

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