Epiphany Blu Abruptly Shuts Down, CEO Goes Dark

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Without any warning to its distributors or employees, it appears as though Epiphany Blu has been shut down. The website is currently inaccessible with a message that reads:

epiphany blu shutting down

The Phoenix, AZ based company was founded by Kimberly Barr in 2017 and tried to compete with other clothing MLM behemoths like LuLaRoe. Unfortunately, it seems as though the company never gained traction and Barr decided to abruptly shut the company down while leaving distributors with hundreds and thousands of dollars worth of inventory.

One distributor named Kayla Wentz posted that Barr closed the business without any communication to reps. Other distributors have noted that when they reached out to Barr via email and Social Media, they were immediately blocked without a response.

epiphany blu closing

We’ll update this article as we learn more.

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