David Wood on Drugs, Gets Arrested, and Empower Network Goes Bankrupt

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Back in June we shared a video posted by Empower Network CEO David Wood that showed him clearly under the influence of a drug or drugs. Yesterday, David shared a new video detailing his drug addiction, arrest, and Empower Network bankruptcy (and of course, investors won’t be receiving any of their money back). You can see the whole video below.

Some of the highlights:

  • Empower Network has gone bankrupt. Apparently David Wood has been “personally” keeping the company afloat, which of course means that none of the investors will ever see a dime of their money. How convenient.
  • Empower Network was the victim of some terrible thefts/crimes that David can not talk about because he is under an NDA and the FBI are involved. How convenient.
  • David Wood became addicted to narcotics, including apparently, methamphetamines, by “accident” and due to someone sneaking those drugs into his medicine. He attributes this to all of the hard work he was doing for him employees. How convenient.
  • All of the money he has is going to bankruptcy lawyers so there is no money to pay back anyone else at the moment. He does promise that he will keep a “secret ledger” with all of the people he owes money to, but can’t guarantee when he will pay them back. How convenient.
  • After getting picked up for being under the influence of drugs, David Wood was arrested for assaulting hospital staff.
  • He is starting a new company but the details are a secret but he will be sharing them “soon.”

If you are seriously considering investing in David Wood’s next venture, you might want to check on your own medication.

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