Payza Founders Indicted for $250 Million Money Laundering Scam

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It was revealed today that Payza founders Firoz Patel and Ferhan Patel were indicted on felony conspiracy and money laundering charges earlier this month. The grand jury accuses the Patel brothers of operating a "money transmitting business that operated without the necessary state licenses and knowingly transmitted funds that were derived from illegal activity". This illegal [...]

BitConnect, Cryptocurrency Ponzi Scheme, Shuts Down BCC Exchange

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Earlier today, the anonymous leaders of Bitconnect announced that they would be shutting down their lending and exchange platform that was based on the cryptocurrency BCC (or BitConnect Coin). BitConnect has promised to pay out remaining wallet balances in, you guessed it, BCC which as of writing has lost 90% of its value. Given that the [...]

Beautycounter Review – What You Need to Know Before Joining

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Considering joining Beautycounter as a consultant? Below you can find information about the history of the company, who its leaders are, the types of products it sells, as well as whether or not you have a true chance to make any money. Founded 2013 Founders Gregg Renfrew Website Industry Skin Care Cosmetics Multi-Level Marketing Number [...]

David Wood on Drugs, Gets Arrested, and Empower Network Goes Bankrupt

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Back in June we shared a video posted by Empower Network CEO David Wood that showed him clearly under the influence of a drug or drugs. Yesterday, David shared a new video detailing his drug addiction, arrest, and Empower Network bankruptcy (and of course, investors won't be receiving any of their money back). You can see [...]

Why Do People Join Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Companies?

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I've often asked myself why the prospect of joining a multi-level marketing company is so enticing, even when the odds of earning any money are so low. In fact, usually less than 5% of distributors get any kind of return on their investment. So why are MLMs continually able to recruit new members? Here are 5 reasons [...]

David Wood from Empower Network Goes Crazy on Facebook Live

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Last week, Empower Network founder David Wood went viral on Facebook Live after he went on an unhinged, rambling, and bloody 4 minute rant imploring his distributors to "remove everything negative they wrote about Empower Network" and threatening them with a curse "that will fall on [their] families." Thankfully, he did mention that if they removed any [...]

5 Questions to Ask Yourself About an MLM Opportunity

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You've been approached by a friend or family member to join a multi-level marketing company. You usually trust the judgement of this person, but you've also heard that MLMs are scams that usually result in distributors making very little money (if any money at all). Is this an opportunity worth exploring? In this blog, we pose [...]