Advocare Announces Restructure, Fires 100,000 Distributors

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In May, multi-level marketing company Advocare announced that it was restructuring and laying off 100,000 distributors after confidential talks with the FTC. At this point, it's unclear if Advocare or the FTC initiated the talks. Generally the FTC does not engage in confidential investigations, which indicates that it may have been Advocare who first reached out [...]

Jeunesse Settles Pyramid Scheme Lawsuit for Undisclosed Amount

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Late last month, multilevel marketing company Jeunesse settled a pyramid lawsuit filed by ex-distributor Helen Xiong against the company and top distributor Kim Hui. You can read a full list of the lawsuit and the numerous rulings at here. Jeunesse was founded in 2009 by Randy Ray (CEO) and Wendy Lewis (COO). The MLM focuses [...]

2019 Top 50 MLM Companies in the U.S. (by Revenue)

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*Note: 2018 revenue numbers coming soon. Below is the comprehensive list of multi-level marketing companies generating the most amount of revenue in the United States. After compiling this list, we noticed some interesting trends: Only 2 companies in the Top 10 were founded after the year 2000. Out of the Top 50, only 20 were founded [...]

Epiphany Blu Abruptly Shuts Down, CEO Goes Dark

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Without any warning to its distributors or employees, it appears as though Epiphany Blu has been shut down. The website is currently inaccessible with a message that reads: The Phoenix, AZ based company was founded by Kimberly Barr in 2017 and tried to compete with other clothing MLM behemoths like LuLaRoe. Unfortunately, it seems as though [...]

Amway Co-Founder Richard DeVos Passes Away at Age 92

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Rick DeVos announced earlier today that his grandfather and co-founder of Amway Richard DeVos has passed away at age 92. DeVos got his start in the multi-level marketing world as a distributor with Nutrilite, a direct selling company that primarily sold vitamins and supplements. Along with his partner Jay Van Andel, DeVos eventually started his own [...]

Lularoe’s Dani Dress Disaster Adds to Difficult Year

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2018 has been an extremely difficult year for Lularoe, the California-based MLM that sells a variety of women's clothing including leggings, dresses, and tops. The company is facing multiple lawsuits alleging that the company is a pyramid scheme and that it sells low-quality fabrics with a predatory inventory return policy. We don't know for sure how [...]

After 7 Year Run, Bathologie is Shutting Down

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According to multiple sources, it appears as though Bathologie is shutting down effective today. Comments on Facebook indicate that distributors were blindsided by the announcement in which they were told to wind down their businesses within 24 hours. The multi-level marketing company sold a range of bath and body products including body washes, hand soaps, bubble [...]

Jamberry Launches New Line of JamBeauty Haircare Products

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In a Facebook post earlier today, multi-level marketing company Jamberry announced a new line of haircare products under its JamBeauty label. Previously, Utah-based Jamberry focused almost exclusively on selling nail wraps and other nail beauty products. JamBeauty includes an assortment shampoo, conditioners, and hair/scalp oils. With these new products, Jamberry enters a crowded market included other [...]

Gary Young, Founder and Former CEO of Young Living, Has Died

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Source: The founder and former CEO of Young Living Gary Young is dead at age 68. Earlier today, Young Living COO Jared Turner informed the company that Donald "Gary" Young has passed away due to complications from multiple strokes. Young was a pioneer of the essential oils industry and built Young Living into [...]

doTERRA Review – Learn About the Leaders, Products, and Opportunity

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doTERRA is a multi-level marketing company that primarily sells essential oils. Are you considering joining the company as a distributor or "wellness advocate"? Read our doTerra review to learn what you need to know about the doTERRA company, its leaders, and its products. Overview Website: Founded: 2008 Industry: Essential Oils, Multi-Level Marketing Revenue: +$1.5 billion in [...]