FDA Inspection Finds Filthy, Contaminated Conditions in Monat Facility

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In March, multiple Monat employees confirmed that the FDA surprised the company with an inspection of their Florida manufacturing plant. Monat executives quickly issued a statement afterwards saying that the FDA "found no violations or other matters of significant concern", which we now know is a lie based on the official inspection report released this week. The FDA [...]

Monat Launches in U.K., Expanding Beyond U.S. and Canada

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Despite the looming threat of multiple lawsuits, Monat announced in a Facebook post that it is now open for business in the United Kingdom. This marks the third official market for the haircare company including the United States and Canada. Given all of the bad publicity that the company has had over the past few months, [...]

Complete List of Monat Lawsuits – More Customers Complain About Hair Loss, Scalp Damage

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In our recent Monat company review, we outlined what distributors should expect in terms of leadership, products, and profit opportunity at Monat. Since then, a number of customers have filed lawsuits against Monat, and the company has fired back with lawsuits of its own. Below is a timeline of all the lawsuits that we are currently [...]

Monat Review – Nightmare Products and Disgruntled Employees

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Have you been approached about joining Monat as a distributor or "Market Partner"? Have you heard people say it's a scam or pyramid scheme? If you are considering joining, read on to learn everything you need to about the company, its products, and its opportunity. Founded 2014 Monat Leadership Team If you glance through the list [...]