Is LuLaRoe Going Bankrupt? Lawsuits, Talent Loss, & Quality Control Issues Plague Company

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Update 1/25/2019: Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson filed a lawsuit today against Lularoe, alleging that the company operates as a pyramid scheme. From the press release: “LuLaRoe tricked consumers into buying into its pyramid scheme with deceptive claims of high profits and refunds for unsold merchandise,” Ferguson said in a news release. “Instead, many Washingtonians [...]

Lularoe’s Dani Dress Disaster Adds to Difficult Year

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2018 has been an extremely difficult year for Lularoe, the California-based MLM that sells a variety of women's clothing including leggings, dresses, and tops. The company is facing multiple lawsuits alleging that the company is a pyramid scheme and that it sells low-quality fabrics with a predatory inventory return policy. We don't know for sure how [...]

Complete List of LuLaRoe Lawsuits – Defective Leggings & Pyramid Schemes

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Last year, we wrote a review of LuLaRoe that examined its products and distributors' ability to make money. Since then, both customers and other companies that LuLaRoe (a multi-level marketing company) does business with have filed lawsuits against the leggings brand, alleging that their products are defective and that the company is structured as a pyramid [...]

LuLaRoe Review – What You Need to Know Before Joining

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Considering joining LaLaRoe as a consultant? Below you can find information about the history of the company, who its leaders are, the types of products it sells, as well as whether or not you have a true chance to make any money. Headquarters Corona, California Founded 2012 Founders Deanne Brady (Founder) Mark Stidham (CEO) Website [...]