Herbalife Linked To Drug Trafficking, Money Laundering In Bombshell Investigative Report

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Yesterday, the non-profit website PlainSite.org released an extensive report detailing a history of drug-use, drug trafficking, and money laundering over Herbalife's 30 year history. The news comes on the heels of Carl Icahn reducing his stake in Herbalife last week and a $200 million fine by the FTC in 2016. Details from the report include: Founder [...]

New Smoothie Shop In Town? It Might Be An Herbalife Recruiting Center

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In fall 2016, Lubbock, TX residents on the southwest side of town received welcome news: a smoothie shop called B&C Nutrition was opening its doors promising healthy alternatives for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner. A year and a half later, B&C is still mixing up a range of classic and original flavors like French Vanilla, Peanut [...]

Herbalife Review – What You Need To Know Before Joining

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Considering joining Herbalife as a distributor? Read our Herbalife review to learn about the history of the company, who its leaders are, the types of products it sells, as well as whether or not you have a true chance to make any money. Founded 1980 Founders Mark Hughes 1980 Executive Team Richard Goudis (CEO) Website http://www.herbalife.com [...]

Herbalife Slammed With $200 million Penalty for MLM Scheme

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Herbalife agreed this week to restructure their business operations and pay a $200 million settlement. In exchange, the federal government has agreed to close investigations into the company and refrain from classifying the company as a pyramid scheme. While $200 million is a large sum of money, avoiding this classification has a much bigger upside for the [...]