David Wood, Disgraced MLM Leader, Now Claims To Be God

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In a truly bizarre and unsettling video this week, disgraced MLM leader David Wood is now claiming to be God. This video follows months of unhinged posts and videos from David Wood that have come in the wake of Empower Network shutting down, him getting arrested, and investors losing millions of dollars. Wood claims that there [...]

David Wood on Drugs, Gets Arrested, and Empower Network Goes Bankrupt

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Back in June we shared a video posted by Empower Network CEO David Wood that showed him clearly under the influence of a drug or drugs. Yesterday, David shared a new video detailing his drug addiction, arrest, and Empower Network bankruptcy (and of course, investors won't be receiving any of their money back). You can see [...]

Empower Network – Everything You Need to Know About the Failed Company

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Founded: 2011 Founders: David Wood (active), David Sharpe (inactive), Jonathan Cronstedt (inactive) Website: http://www.empowernetwork.com/ Income Disclosure Statement: Products: Blogging Platform "Inner Circle" Entrepreneur Audio Trainings "Top Producer Formula" Program "Team Building Formula" Program "Mass Influence Formula" Program Legal Trouble: In 2015, Empower Network U.K. affiliate Lee McKenna was sentenced to 2 years in prison for fraudulent earning potential [...]

David Wood from Empower Network Goes Crazy on Facebook Live

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Last week, Empower Network founder David Wood went viral on Facebook Live after he went on an unhinged, rambling, and bloody 4 minute rant imploring his distributors to "remove everything negative they wrote about Empower Network" and threatening them with a curse "that will fall on [their] families." Thankfully, he did mention that if they removed any [...]