After 7 Year Run, Bathologie is Shutting Down

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According to multiple sources, it appears as though Bathologie is shutting down effective today. Comments on Facebook indicate that distributors were blindsided by the announcement in which they were told to wind down their businesses within 24 hours.

The multi-level marketing company sold a range of bath and body products including body washes, hand soaps, bubble baths, bath bombs, and body scrubs. Bathologie carved out a niche in this market by allowing distributors to create their own mixtures of ingredients and fragrances. Ultimately, the niche wasn’t big enough as the company failed to keep pace with other MLM behemoths like Beautycounter, Nu Skin, Avon, Rodan + Fields, and Arbonne.

Founder and CEO Stacey Madsen started Bathologie in 2011 to provide safe body-cleansing alternatives for moms. The company was based in Salt Lake City, Utah.


A Bathologie distributor forwarded this note that Madsen sent out to the company last night:

After much thought and prayer the decision has been made to close bathologie as a Direct Sales business. Please know that Jeff and I have invested all of our resources into the bathologie business and have never withdrawn or received any money from bathologie. We have sometimes worked 7 days a week, around the clock and even slept at bathologie to try and get all orders out in time for Christmas, Valentines, or Mother’s Day. I know we have not been perfect but we have honestly tried our very best. We may be walking away without any monetary compensation but our family has grown very close working, and even sometimes fighting together at bathologie. I will truly miss reading your funny labels and enjoying your creative scent blends.

We are currently caught up on all orders that have been processed and closed. Please put in any last orders that you have and close any open blending bars by tomorrow evening. We will be running May commissions Friday morning and sending out the last commission checks. We wish you all the very best and know that you have so many amazing talents and skills that you will have success in your next new business or adventure.

With Love and Friendship,

Stacey Madsen

It seems disingenuous for Madsen to claim that she and her husband did not make a single penny from the business in the 7 years it operated. No one starts an MLM as a charity.

We’ll continue to update this story as we gather more details.

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